At Stone Kalfus, our experienced litigators provide robust and effective defense counsel in a range of practice areas. We are steadfast in our commitment to our clients’ interests and bring the same level of aggressive advocacy and sound advice to every matter entrusted to us.

Trucking and Transportation

Few industries face crises as regularly and as potentially catastrophic as the trucking and transportation industry. Our industry knowledge, aggressive advocacy, and ability to immediately and effectively respond to accidents, material spills, and other incidents has earned us a reputation as counsel of choice for long-haul and local carriers, truck leasing companies, material haulers, and others.

Medical Transportation

Ambulance and non-emergency medical transportation providers face unique challenges when collisions and other injury causing incidents occur. We respond immediately and complement our attorneys’ prowess with seasoned experts to skillfully counter liability, causation, and damage claims.

Tort and Complex Litigation

We are trial lawyers. Our practice is built on the twin pillars of litigation savvy and strategic vision. We take pride in our thoroughness, tireless work ethic, and ability to craft defenses that parry the toughest attacks. We are prepared to take every case to trial but are always looking for alternative resolutions that best serve our clients’ interests. We steer complex claims to positive resolutions in the courtroom and at the negotiating table.

Automobile Dealership Defense

We serve as counsel for automobile dealerships and their owners, officers, and employees facing liability, consumer, and regulatory claims. Our vast experience in this nuanced area of the law includes the defense of the automobile dealership in Melton v. General Motors, et al., the landmark case involving a defective ignition switch that led to GM’s recall of more than two million vehicles.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Roads and highways can be the routes to significant liability for auto insurers and others who find themselves implicated in serious motor vehicle accidents. Our 24/7 Rapid Response Team will quarterback every step necessary to position our clients with a foundation for a robust and effective defense and a favorable outcome.

Catastrophic Injuries

With an ability to hit the ground running when an incident occurs, we defend catastrophic injury claims of all kinds. Our talented and aggressive defense lawyers work with experts to craft the strongest defense to traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, and other major injury claims.

Crane and Lift Accidents

Cranes and lifts can lead to large claims when things go awry. Whether the allegations involve equipment defects, operator error, or other claimed negligence, our lawyers have extensive experience with applicable regulations, industry standards, and litigation involving these complex pieces of equipment. We leverage the insights gained from that experience to our clients’ advantage.

Product Liability

Many parties play a role in a product’s lifecycle, and many parties can face exposure when injury, wrongful death, or property damage claims arise from alleged defects with a product. Stone Kalfus attorneys regularly represent designers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and others in the defense of liability claims involving all manner of products.

Premises Liability

Insurers as well as self-insured property owners and managers put their trust and confidence in our lawyers when facing premises liability claims. Such claims can arise in near limitless ways, so we develop proactive and powerful defense and resolution strategies best suited for each individual occurrence.

Insurance Defense

Insurers turn to outside casualty defense counsel for their focused and effective advocacy but also require lawyers who understand their need for clear and timely reporting, as well as the capacity to immediately respond to incidents when they arise. Our attorneys deftly handle the defense of claims while providing insurers with the information and accessibility they need to manage their claim portfolio.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation may be necessary but is rarely the only option for resolving casualty claims. We look for opportunities and advantages in mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution methods and bring the same level of skill and advocacy to those forums as we bring to the courtroom.


With the agility, creativity, and attention to detail required for success at the appellate level, our lawyers are prepared to forcefully attack or defend trial court decisions to best serve our clients’ interests.